Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1st Christmas with Grandbabies . . . couldn't be better

What a dolly that Jocelyn Nichole Bott is!!! We can't get enough of her.

Aunt Lexie put baby Afton's hair in a faux-hawk. Aunt Lexie is forming a gang with her nieces. Jocelyn is named lil'B and she's still coming up with a name for Afton.

Baby Jocey loved all her new toys she got. Specially the bows and paper they came in.

Their true personalities . . . . . "what else can I look at and take in and be amazed at" and "just leave me alone so I can sleep . . . . it's exhausting being two weeks old!"

Shayla, Cory, and baby Jocey came over in the afternoon to festivize with us. Jocey looked so cute in her Christmas dress that Auntie Renae bought for Jocey and Afton.

Our cute Tysee getting ready to rumble!

Lexie got 2 penguins to put in her ice cream truck to take to Italy so she can marry an Italian professional soccer player. (We do what we can, as parents, to support any dream she might have!!!!) And really, who wouldn't want to marry that face!!!

Chelsea and Pepino hanging out on Christmas morning. Nobody misses Chelsea like puppy!

Grandpa Gordon holding baby Afton on Christmas morning. We were so glad Tyson, Chelsea and Afton were here with Gordon, Lexie, and me.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Afton is here!!!

I figured I'd post some pictures of baby Afton since Chelsea and Tyson don't have the internet (and blogging probably isn't a big priority right now!!) so here are some pictures from the day Afton was born and the next day. Me and Lex and Jocelyn drove up on monday to visit. My parents were there on the day she was born, and my mom stayed another day. Baby Afton was born on Sunday, December 14 and weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces and was 19 inches. Her full name is Afton Ellavee Hathaway.Tyson keeping Jocelyn entertained in the waiting room so we could go back and see the baby. Chelsea asked me when she saw this picture if I had cut Jocelyn's hair! Ha ha! Not everyone is born with beautiful tresses like Afton!All the girls (minus Jocelyn)