Wednesday, July 13, 2011

San Diego

What a great week we had last week. Afton, Bailey and I went with my parents to San Diego, "SanEggo" as Afton calls, to visit Jason and Dino and to watch Lexie's performance since they're not competing in Utah this year..booo...but it was a great trip.

Our hosts, Niko and Gio. Tiny tiny cutest things ever!

The day we got there we went to the fair and had a blast.

Afton absolutely loved every minute of it and Bailey was just content to chill in the stroller.
Though we didn't have the full experience because we refused to try deep fried butter and chocolate covered bacon (I'm not kidding, they had those there)

First up was the merry go round. Of course she discovered these at Hogle Zoo last year and still laughs hysterically the whole way around.

Then Jason took afton on....and Elephant! That's right. It was so awesome that they got to ride an elephant. And they even got extra time because he had to go potty :)

What a cool thing for Afton to do. I'll keep these pictures forever cause she probably won't remember it.

Then I got to ride on some rides with Afton. She chose all the rides and she loved every one.

The next day was devoted to the beach. Could there be anything better than perfect weather on a beach?

Dino and Bailey

It was a fight to get Afton towards the water where we were set up because as soon as her feet hit the sand, she was down playing in it and wasn't about to get up.

We did finally get her to the water and she played in it with Grandma and found shells with Grandpa

Her favorite thing to do was to claw the sand. She would do one claw and then move on to the next spot. She got quite a line in the end

Then that night was Lexie's performance. Both girls loved to watch the bands. Lexie was second to last to perform.

Afton and Grandpa had a great time during the intermission

Their show is called "The Devil's Staircase" and the colorguard are the devils, so they look a little fierce. But Afton still thought they looked like princesses.

Lexie got to be on Sabre this year. YAY!! That's a really big thing there. they don't let just anybody have sabres or rifles.

The next day we drove to her practice so we could chat with her while she did her hair and makeup before they got on the bus. I didn't get a picture of out leg oreo this year because well, it's just embarrassing.

It was SO hot here I couldn't believe they had been practicing out there all day. we were dying in the shade doing nothing. We were so glad to get back to Jason's house where the weather was perfect as usual.

Bailey and Jetson

Goofy girl

We were going to go to the beach again on the fourth so we got a little bit of an early start only to find a parade blocking us from the sand. So we went back to Jason's and got in their pool which was still really fun

Bailey has gotten into the habit of moving a LOT during the night. She ends up like this a lot and I think it's so cute

Then we got to go to Sea World!! It was so fun.

The Dolphin show. Later in the day we were wishing we had been in the splash zone

Jason and Afton at the Pet's Rule show. She trying to show the camera her Elmo fan Uncle Jason bought her.

The Shamu show, Unfortunately we were so hot and didn't have good seats so Afton wasn't really interested here.

Grandma took the girls to the Sesame Street splash pad while Jason and I went on the atlantis ride. Nothin' better than a bucket of water on a hot day.

We got to feed the dolphins!! It was so cool! If you can guess, Afton was ecstatic. They feel so different than I thought they would.

The sea lion show was one of our favorites

The last day we went to Universal Studios and saw some of the characters and watched some cool shows, like the animal show that was so fun. Afton didn't even mind when the hawk swooped right over her head.

She was really excited about meeting Shrek but got a little nervous when we got closer cause he was so big

Afton was most excited about this one. She even talked to him and told him her name. He was so funny.

Afton doesn't really know who Dora is so she wasn't too sure about meeting her

This is who we saw when we were coming out of Universal Studios. Jay Leno was interviewing people for his show that aired last night.

We had such a great time. Thanks to Jason and Dino for letting us come and thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for taking us!