Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chop, Chop, Timber!

{Dad cutting down the half-dead tree}

{Lex and Afton}

{Grandma and Jo}

{Jo helping clean up the branches}

{Afton helping too}

{Lex getting the branches down}

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maddox - final continuation

Brian and Michelle and their family. Brian is the son of Dennis and Carol Billings.
Randy and Kira and their boys. Randy is the son of Steve and Linda.
Russ and Irish. Russ is the son of Steve and Linda also.
Deborah Hale and her son Tristen. (I didn't get a picture of Randy, sorry) Deborah is the daughter of Dennis and Carol.
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Maddox - continued again

This is Shae Billings telling me "you better not take a picture of me" She and Lance are having their 4th child. Lance is the son of Dennis, Gordon's brother.
The Billings siblings (minus Dick). Keith, Dennis, Barbara, Steve, and Gordon. Good to see them together.
I caught Dennis smiling on film! I'm a photografing genious!
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Maddox-continued 2

This is Linda Billings with one of her 15 Grandkids named Isabella. She is the daughter of Russ and Irish Billings.
This is Steve and Linda's daughter Robyn and B.J. with their two darling daughters.
Roxanne Billings with Robyn's two girls.
Barbara's only family there was the Wilsons. Jeff, Kayleen, Colter, and Trevor. It was good to see them also.
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Maddox - continued

Tyson, Chelsea, and Afton came down from Logan to Brigham City to come to the mini Billings Reunion. It was so fun to see them. Afton was sick, so she wasn't a very happy little baby (like she usually is). Lexie passed the time with Afton and Jojo by reading some books Chelsea brought to Jocelyn.
This is Kristy (Billings) Crabtree with her two kids, Matthew and _______ (I can't remember her name, sorry!) Brady had to work so he couldn't be there.

Tyson had to sneak into the babies little gold fish stash because our food didn't come for a long time.

To be continued. (I don't know why this is only letting me do 4 pictures at a time. Dang!)
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Billings Family (mini) Reunion-Maddox

Shayla, Cory, Jocelyn, and Lexie all rode up to Brigham City with us in the van to go to Maddox in Brigham City for a mini Billings reunion. It was so fun to see everyone who came. We ended up with about 48 people there. Some we haven't seen for many years. Barbara pulled it together, and we are grateful for that.
Jocelyn playing in the window as we waited for everyone to arrive. We got there at about 3:40 p.m. and the dinner wasn't until 4:00.
Jocelyn again, playing around these pretty flower balls in the foyer of Maddox.
Cory, Shayla, and Jojo waiting and waiting and waiting!
To be continued!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Snapshots

Goldings had everyone down to their house for a bring-your-own-picnic and Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  Lizzy and Kailey were so nice to help Afton and Jojo get a few eggs. 
The bonus of the whole entire weekend was that Amanda, Jared, and Pauly are here from New Jersey on their way to moving to Dallas, Texas.  We love it when they are in town. 
Renae decided to let the kids break Cascarones all over each other's heads in the house right before she remembered her vacuum doesn't work.  So she had piles and piles of confetti all over the place.  The kids had a blast.  This is Ivy Star (Scott's baby) with confetti everywhere on her. 
Gabraylie having fun with the Cascarones. 
Renae will be sweeping up confetti from now till the cows come home!
The Easter Bunny found his way to our house.  We made breakfast for us, Botts, and Hathaways, then we watched Conference all day.  It was so great. 
"If you give a Moose a Muffin"
"If you give a Pig a Pancake"
Afton's bunny Easter basket.
What's Easter without a punch ball?
Jocelyn modeling her darling Easter dress.
We had Easter dinner after the last Conference Session.  Botts, Hathaways, Allans, Goldings, Millers joined us for dinner.  It was really nice to have everyone over. 
Love my cute Bott family
Sylvia brought Logan and Rachael with her to our dinner and one final Easter Egg hunt inside our living room because it was too cold outside again.

Such a fun weekend . . . . .. which is also the start of my Spring Break.  (Snow and rain go away . . . . at least for a week!)

Cousin Easter gift exchange

The babies each got a cute pail, stickers, a hat, and a sippy cup from Chelsea
Love that "huge" sippy cup!
Four cute girls!