Sunday, July 18, 2010

Park City with the Ward Gals

On July 13th, 14th, and 15th I went up to Park City with 5 of the gals in our ward.  We had such a great time gabbing, laughing, eating, shopping, playing games, etc., etc., etc.,  I didn't get many pictures, but we sure had fun.  Those who went were Lori Turner, Patti Greaves, Marie Tuttle, Vickie Cherrington, Sylvia, and me.  Ann Killpack joined us for one day and Marie and Sylvia had to come and go.  

A picture from the loft.  Patti, Sylvia, Lori, and Vickie. We just loved to sit a gab forever!

Sylvia (in mid story), Lori and Vickie

Patti Greaves
We had such a great time.  Thanks gals!!

Next major project

Our next major project is turning one of our empty bedrooms upstairs into a "nursery" for all babies who come to visit us.  I just thought I would post what we are dealing with in this project. 

This Humpty-Dumpty wallpaper was the first layer of stuff to remove. 
The second layer to remove is this lovely stripe.
The third layer is this beauty . . . . brown flowers!
and . . . . the ever popular . . . . crayon drawing directly on the wall board!

Not to mention, the cottage cheese ceiling.  (Gordon has that 1/2 scraped off.)
Whew, what a project!
Well that is what we are up against.  I will post the AFTER pictures when and if they happen!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lexie's Santa Clara Vanguard day in Utah

On July 7 Lexie's Vanguard team came to Utah.  We were all excited to see her and see their new program for this year.  Her team practiced all day at Millcreek Jr. High School in Bountiful, so we headed up to Bountiful early in the morning to watch all the rehearsal.  We couldn't hardly recognize her because they had to dye their hair completely black.  When we got to Bountiful Chelsea and Afton were already there because she took Tim and Brandi to the airport earlier.  Shayla, Jojo, and Lizzy came up at noon to join us.  We had so much fun hanging out, eating lunch with Lexie, and watching the practice. 
Lex was so excited to see her baby Afton and baby Jojo.  They didn't hardly recognize her either.
Jojo loved spinning her new flag that Grandpa made for her.  She went up by Lexie's flag team and showed them how she could "spin" and "toss".  Lexie's team was so excited to watch her.  They cheered, whistled, and jumped up and down when she would do it for them.  It was pretty funny.
Lexie's fan club.  Gordon, Chelsea, Afton, Jojo, Shayla, and Lizzie
All the girls. 
Lexie got to stop to eat, shower, get ready for the competition, then load up on the bus to head to Weber State for the competition.  We left and drove up to Ogden to meet Lynn and Sylvia (who came up for the competition also) for dinner at Chuck-a-Rama. 
After the competition, we went over to the KOA in Perry.  Lynn and Sylvia pulled their 5th wheeler up to the KOA for us to stay in for a couple of days.  Shayla, Jojo, and Lizzie had to go home.  So Chelsea, Afton, Gordon, and I went to stay in the trailer.  It was so much fun.  Tyson slept in the trailer with us the first night, but not the second night. We ate at Maddox's, swam, played games, generally had a fun time. 
Afton was in heaven playing outside.
Thank you Lynn and Sylvia and everyone else for making such a fun 3 days.  It was so fun to be with family and watch Lexie perform. 

Fourth of July

Shayla and Cory gave us tickets to the Grand Stand for the parade.  We went down at 7:30 a.m. to save us seats on the grand stand and Botts came soon after with their friends.  It was quite chilly in the morning, so we didn't think to get in the shade . . . . . but we soon needed it!!! 
Jojo was so very cute. 

"Roar for Orem High . . . . . . . . "
After the parade Tyson, Chelsea, and Afton stopped by our house on their way home from Oak City.  It was so very fun to see them.  Shayla and Jojo came over a played for a while too. 

Cowgirl Afton

Afton and Jojo playing with the new mail center I bought at a garage sale. 

It was pretty hot, so the cuties played in the spinklers.

So refreshing

Post sprinkler chillin' in the chairs Grandpa bought them on the deck.

Laying on Grandma's deck furniture being goofy.

We had such a fun day playing.  JULY IS FULL OF HAPPY TIMES!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cowgirls Jojo and Afton

Wow 7 new posts in 2 days . . . . what has come over me!!

I bought these shorts and cowgirl hats at Wal-mart for my two baby dolls.  I made the vests but they turned out too small (so much for making up my own patterns).  So, somewhere there is a doll that can have a cute vest on. 

Harper and Tierney Wilson's Reception

Harper and Tierney were married on April 9th in Carova, North Carolina.  So Jeff and Kayleen had a reception for them here up Provo Canyon on July 2nd so those of us in this neck of the woods could meet Tierney and give our congratulations.  It was a beautiful evening up Provo Canyon at the Mt. Timpanogos Park.  Shayla and Jojo went with us to the reception.  The bride and groom were 1/2 hour late, so we amused ourselves by taking pictures of Jojo (of course!)

Dustin Baker came with his two beautiful daughters Liberty and Czrena.  Josie is in Spain and Josiah in Oklahoma.  They came down from Wyoming.

Talia Wilson setting up the pretty table decorations.

The two Baker sisters.  Kayleen Wilson and Marcelle Jacobsen.

The bride and groom, Harper and Tierney.  (Not a very flattering shot, but the only one I got.)

Grandpa and Jojo getting refreshments.

Such a big girl bringing Mommy a drink of water.


Lynn and Sylvia made 3 vehicle trips up to Strawberry to haul all of their toys for a fun filled 4 days (June 30-July 2).  They took their 5th wheel trailer, their boat, and their four wheeler.  They let me crash their fun party and stay in the trailer with them. Kelly and Mollie came up later that day to stay also.  We had such a beautiful camping spot.
Lynn making sure his fishing equipment is ready for the great fishing expedition in the morning.
The first evening Kelly, Mollie, and I rode in their Jeep, and Sylvia and Lynn rode on the 4-wheeler to take a drive up the Strawberry Ridge.  It was so very fun. Kelly had just got a new lift kit and new tires for their Jeep.  It was a beautiful drive up the mountain. 

Kelly had to try out his new Jeep accessories, so he climbed this stump on one wheel.  I must say it was quite fun. 
Kelly trying to look all studdly with an ax slung over his shoulder.
It felt so yummy to have this rip snortin' fire going at night.
Lynn and Sylvia's new trailer.  Very deluxe!
The next day the Goldings brought their trailer up and joined us.  Mitch brought Dallin up and joined us, and Tyler, Amanda, Rachael, and Logan came and joined us.  It was one giant happy party.  Dallin is looking particularly thrilled in this picture with Lizzy and her friend Sammie Gommes watching a DVD.
(Make up your own captions for these two pictures of Lynn!)
If you can believe it . . . . . . those are ear plugs!
Karl checking on our tin foil dinners that were fantastico!
The "three little Brown girls". 
Gordon took the day off on Friday and came up for a few hours.  We went home on Friday so we could go to Harper and Tierney Wilson's wedding reception.
Thanks Lynn and Sylvia for letting me bum off of your fun.