Sunday, February 27, 2011

Afton, Bailey, & Jojo

Adorable Bailey Rose.

Jojo loves to hold her baby cousin Bailey.

Chelsea brought the two baby dolls up from Oak City to visit. Afton is modeling the outfit Aunt Lexie gave her for Christmas. What a dolly!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Brown Family Christmas Party

All the kids got to sit in Lynn's HUGE camp chair to show off their gifts they received. (As usual my blogging skills are lacking, so all these pictures are in reverse order.)
Jojo opening her gift at the Brown family party.

Santa brought this toy to our house for the Grandbabies to play with when they come.

This is how Shayla and Cory announced that they are expecting a baby in August. So cute!

Me and my lovely loot.

Lexie and Emma checking out Lexie's new Kindle she got for Christmas.

The cutest little horsey Jocelyn in the nativity story with Renae and Lizzie.

The entire cast and crew!

The three "wise" girls! Such cute girls Emma, Lexie, and Lizzie.

We did the nativity story with Sylvia's puppets. Here is Sam being the . . . um . . . . donkey (tee hee) and Rachael being Mary. Shayla was narrating the story.

Dallin got a new book to cut up into confetti.

Two darling girls Shayla and Mollie

Logan and Emma. Emma stayed with us over the Christmas holiday (until she went to Arizona to be with Rachel, Nate, and cute Gabe).

We had our traditional Pozole dinner for Christmas Eve. Rachael and Shayla gettin' grub.
It was a great holiday season with fun events, fantastic people, good food, and fun!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lexie gets to meet Bailey

Lexie was in Santa Clara when Bailey was born, so Gordon and Lexie took a little trip down to Oak City on December 22nd so Lex could meet her new niece. I stayed at Chelsea's house for 4 days to help so I was already there.
Gordon brought gifts to Afton and Bailey to make sure they had proper head gear!! Such a cute baby cougar!

Cute Afton with her cougar hat.

Baby Bailey likes to sit like a contortionist while she stretches.

A very happy Aunt Lexie

Christmas gift to my siblings

As our old Orem High School was torn down and a new one built I had the chance to buy a plaque for the "Legacy Wall" in the new school. I wanted all of us 8 kids to be on a plaque since we all graduated from Orem High School, so I bought 3 plaques to fit all the names of us "BROWN TIGERS". The set-up of the 3 plaques weren't what I had in mind . . . . . . but we had to flow with the brick layout. (Sorry these are out of order, but for some reason this blog post is conspiring against me.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our newest Granddaughter Bailey Rose Hathaway

Chelsea and Tyson had a very long day on December 16, 2010.  They checked into the hospital in Delta in the morning and at night Bailey Rose finally was born.  Shayla, Jocelyn, Gordon, and I went down to play with Afton while mom and dad were in the hospital awaiting the arrival of Bailey. It was long past Jocelyn and Afton's bed time but they made it.  We were trying like crazy to keep them awake as we drove them from Oak City over to the Delta hospital. 
Afton finally got to meet her new baby sister Bailey Rose.  Such a darling little family.

No greater thrill for a Grandma . . . . . . meeting the newest Grandbaby!

Grandma Elaine and Grandma Valerie thrilled beyond all reason!!!!!

Jocelyn finally got to meet her newest cousin Bailey.

Grandpa Gordon and Aunt Shayla meeting our new baby doll.

Way to go Chelsea and Tyson for bringing another beautiful baby into the world and our family.

Bailey Rose Hathaway . . . 7 lbs. 2 oz. . . . 20 inches. . .  born at 8:30 p.m.

Afton's birthday . . . yes it was 2 months ago . . . . what of it!!!! :)

Afton helped Lexie make Scotcheroos.  She was such a dolly.
On December 11th we had a birthday party for Afton's 2nd birthday.  She is such a blessing to our family.  Shayla made Afton this very cute bear cake.  Afton loved it. 

Pauly-wog and Lizzie came to the party.

Afton and Tim renewing their favorite activity together from when they lived by each other in Logan.

Neilsens, Goldings, Allans all came to celebrate with our little baby doll.  Thanks everyone for coming.

Chelsea had a little craft for the kids to do.  They made cereal necklaces.

Pauly-wog giving the thumbs up on this activity.
Logie and Rachaelina!

Jocelyn with her masterpiece.

Dallin was consentrating very hard on his necklace project.

Cute little Ivy Star

. . . . . . and cute Lily Grace

What a cute dolly blowing out her 2 candles.

Of course we had yummy treats, and, yes . . . . Chelsea was 5 days away from delivering our new baby.

During Afton's party Sylvia and Lynn played "Deal or No Deal" with Lizzie for her birthday prize.  It was quite humorous. 

Afton opened up her darling gifts.  Thanks everyone for such cute things.

Afton was so tuckered out after the party, she fell asleep on her new tiger that Ivy and Lily gave to her.