Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday visitors

Barbara holding Afton. Thanks for the visits everyone.
Dustn and Josie's very nice kids. Josiah 19, Czarina 15, and Liberty 17

Dustin and Josie Baker came to visit us from Wyoming. They came with Barbara (Gordon's sister). We haven't seen them for many years. They just moved from Spain to Wyoming.

Kelly and Mollie came to visit us. Kelly is here from Germany and Mollie from Washington. It is so fun to have them in the valley again.

Christmas 2009

Lexie woke us up at 6:00 a.m. to go down and open gifts. She said that she let us sleep in for an hour! What a great Christmas we had.

After Gordon, Lexie, and I opened our gifts (well . . . . and puppy . . . . he opened his own gift from Chelsea, it was quite funny) we went out to American Fork to Cory, Shayla, and Jocelyn's gift opening. What a fun time to spend christmas with a 19 month old . . . so very cute!

Jojo was so proud of her two ducks!! (Shayla is holding the other one).

Grandpa having a tea party with Jojo on Christmas morning. . . . . . awwwww the good life!

A princess chair and a cute purse . . . . that's all a girl needs in life! Aunt Yex gave her the chair.

No girl loves a cute purse like little Jojo! Grandpa had to get this for her. She looked so darling in her Christmas dress her Grandma Bott gave her.

Shayla and I saw this quilt pattern in a book in the summer, and I went nuts over it. So Shayla surprised me for Christmas and made it for me. I think Alice helped her with it also. I could not be more thrilled with the darlingness of this quilt!!! (Thanks again Shayla and Alice)

Chelsea made us this very cute denim patch work quilt. (With a hint of who we cheer for!) We absolutely love it! Thanks Chels!
Chelsea, Tyson, and Afton spent Christmas in Oak City with the Hathaways. We were lucky enough to have them come stay overnight a few days after Christmas on their way back home to Logan. So we had two Christmases.

Afton's early birthday party!

(I don't really know how to do this in the right order . . . . so start from the bottom up!)
This is the new Sunday dress she got from Grandpa and Grandma Billings. She is so adorable!

Jocelyn wanted to prematurely tast the cake with her fingers (at the enthusiastic encouragement of Aunt Sylvia)

Happy birthday fire . . . . . . . . "can you believe it, Grandma?"

" OOOOhhhhh I got a tabbie blankie. . . . . . . . I'm so excited!!!"

Chelsea made this cutest little green frog for Baby Logan. Everyone loved it.

Heavy heavy hangover thy poor head, I give you this gift with a bonk on the head!!

She got some cute toys, jammies, shoes, and the usual one year old gifts.

Since we knew we would not be able to go up to Logan on Sweet Afton's first birthday on December 14th, we decided to have her birthday party early in Orem. We combined it with Baby Logan's birthday also. Sylvia made the cake for the two one year olds.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well that plan failed

Of course, I didn't really follow through with the whole posting every month. But... I guess something is better than nothing ;) So here's December's post:

We had a great time on the cruise in October (Thanks mom and dad!)

Tyson and I are still going to school and are excited that it's finals week. Not the finals part, but the end of the semester part. Afton wishes she could go with Dad to school.

Afton is turing one next Monday and she's getting so big. 

She's just about talking now (saying things that aren't really words but I know what they mean) 

She's walking along the furniture and getting into everything, but she's happy doing it, so I'm happy to let her.