Sunday, June 20, 2010

Orem High School demolition

Our new Orem High School was built in the south parking lot of the old Orem High.  We moved into our new school on May 27, 2010 (the day before graduation . . . .  yes, it was a wild week!!)  The construction guys immediately started demolishing the old building.  This is the view from my new office.  To the right you can see part of the new building, and next to it you can see the old B and C gyms.  (The A gym was torn down 2 years ago to make room for the above section of the new school.)  The big hole at the left and bottom of the picture is where the shops used to be with the bomb shelter underneath it. (Notice the beautiful view of Timp that I have from my office window!!)  Yee Haw!!

This is the pile of metal that came from the auditorium. At the bottom of the picture is our new cement leading up to the front doors of the new school (which faces north).
This picture was taken from the 3rd floor of the new school.  You can see the "stair steps" of the auditorium where the chairs were in the balcony of the auditorium (where 1 parent got to sit for my graduation Bachalauriet . . . . . geez how do you spell that?!?!?!?)

This is looking down East hall that goes between the main school area and the counseling center and gyms.  This area didn't exist when I was in high school.  They added it later. 

It has been kind of sad to see it all come down, but then I just look around our gorgeous new building and get happy real fast.  Watching the demolition has really showed me how unsafe that old building was.  Any kind of an earthquake and we would have been flattened.  Goodbye old Orem High School and helloooooo to our new digs!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Great trip with 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters

On June 9 -12, 2010 Gordon and I got to take Shayla, Jocelyn, Chelsea, and Afton to St. George for a little get away from life trip with us. We left home at about 1 and got to St. George at about 6.  We made two stops to let the baby dolls run around and get their wiggles out in Fillmore and Cedar City.  Here is Jocelyn and Afton waiting for us adults to get all loaded up and leave.  

 As soon as we got there the babies wanted to go swing and play on the playground. They so loved the playground with all that sand to play in also.


"I hanging . . . . by mythelf"

Grandpa even joined in the swinging fun.

Ahhhhh sand!

Two cute baby dolls getting all that sand washed off.

We finally got to go swimming the next day.  It was pretty warm the first full day so it was fun at the pool.  The next days were quite cold so swimming was miserably cold (we only tried it once more). 

The babies loved to run from the big pool to the kiddie pool non-stop.  We also went shopping at the outlet mall.  We ate an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and generally had a great time. 

We found to coolest wading pool for the kiddos down town St. George on Main Street.  It was so very cool, Afton and Jojo loved every minute of it there.

We had such a great time on our trip.  These were are seating arrangements in the van.  Afton got pretty excited to watch "Baby Signing Time" on the DVD player in the van. 

We left St. George at 11:00.  We stopped in Beaver and Fillmore for general running around for the babies, then on to home. 

Thanks girls for going with us.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pretty flowers/trees soothe the soul!

Gordon and I went to Cook's Nursery early today (Saturday) and bought a bunch of flowers and a tree to plant in the yard.  Then in the evening we went to Lowe's and bought some more flowers and this pot to make a planter by the entrance to our house.  I thought it turned out so beautiful.  We put these gorgeous orange lilys, columbine, and some little red flowers in the pot, then we sunk the planter pot about 5" into the ground.  It is a lovely welcome to our front door (I think, anyway!)

There is a columbine flower in the middle of the lilys.  I love columbine!

We also planted 2 snowball bushes along the fence in the front yard. 

It will be a "few" years until they are as big and beautiful as Reesee's/Golding's, but we are on our way!

I'm so excited about this new tree we planted back by the deck/dinning room window.  It is called "Goldenchain" tree.  It is so pretty.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

These are the blossoms on the Goldenchain tree. 

These are the rest of the flowers we bought.  We will have to plant them on Monday.  I used to think that Reesee, Rudolph, Mom, and Daddy were so weird when they got so excited about pretty flowers, bushes, and trees and now I am totally there!  I love, love, love all our new pretty flowers, bushes, and trees!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bear Lake-Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Sylvia and Lynn Allan invited us (along with Shayla and Jojo) to go up to Bear Lake for the Memorial Day weekend in their brand new 5th wheeler trailer.  So we did.  We drove up there Sunday afternoon and went to the KOA in Garden City.  When we got there Goldings and their friends the Smiths were already there from Saturday.  As soon as we drove into the KOA park it was time for the hay wagon ride.  Shayla, Jojo, Lizzy, Sam, Parker and Teagan Smith all climbed aboard and had a ride around the trailer park.  Jojo loved it. The care taker of the KOA was such a nice guy.  He had all these activities going the whole weekend.

Allans new rig.  So beautiful and comfortable.


Goldings rig next to us.  Smiths and their family were across the "street" from us.  When we got there Smiths family had dinner all ready for us.

They served enchiladas, beans, fruit, rice, and fried ice cream.  Tiffany Smith also made these scooped out orange peels filled with muffin batter and cooked over briquets thingys.  So cool.  Everyone loved it all.

Jojo loved the play ground.  Sammy, Lizzy, and Teagan Smith were her best play mates. 

This was called a Bounce Pillow.  It was pretty cool.  Lizzy helped Jojo bounce.  Mikaela Smith and Lizzy were doing some pretty spectacular flips and twists on this bouncy thing.

The inside of Allan's trailer.  We were just lounging watching a show with Dallin (of course).

Karl Golding, Dallin and Mitch Long, Sylvia and Lynn Allan hanging out at the camp fire.

Mike Smith, Karl and Renae cooking up some french toast for breakfast.

Most of the group rented these bikes to ride down the road to Merlins Burger Place.  Gordon, Shayla, and I waited for Jojo to wake up and then we drove down there.  Those who rode said it was really fun.

Dallin and Mitch Long
Jojo got a little ride around the lawn as we ate our burgers.

We went swimming at the KOA campground.  The water was so warm, but when we got out it was painfully cold.  It was fun, fun, fun, and then freezing, freezing, freezing!

Us 8 adults had a really fun horse shoe tournament.  Karl and Renae were the grand champions. Gordon and I took 2nd.  Smiths and Allans were 3rd and 4th.  Then the men had a game where Lynn and Mike won.

On Tuesday, June 1, when we were packing up to go home it was raining, raining.  It was such a fun weekend.  We were so lucky to be invited and loved every minute of it.  On our way home we went home via Logan.  We met Chelsea and Afton at Firehouse Pizza for lunch.  It was so fun to see them also.
A great weekend with very fun people.  (You might notice that there are no pictures of the actual Bear Lake!!  That's because we never made it down to the lake!!!) (Funny, huh?!?!)