Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Cute Afton in her Elmo outfit
Bailey in her new overalls and cute top Jason sent her.
Batman . . . . . AKA . . . . . Christian
Jocelyn and her new Princess outfit
Christian sitting on his pouf I made the 4 little baby dolls
Jocelyn loving her gymnastics Dora
Lexie got a new cell phone (the day before).  Good surprised look Lex!!!
What a cutie Bailey in her new jammies, Lexie's toe socks, and her new cowgirl hat.
Afton with her new slippers

Christmas Eve 2012-Pozole Dinner

Kelly, Mollie, and Cooper enjoying some Pozole
Amanda Long (with their basement roommates, who joined us)
Renae holding baby Hazel
Rachael, Lexie, Lizzie, (and Karl).  Such cute girls. 
Mmmmmm . . . . pozole and Sylvia's homemade mac-n-cheese.
All the kids holding the nativity puppets.  Bailey, Afton, Sam, and Logan

Afton and Bailey's Birthday party 12.15.12

Princess cakes Grandma Hathaway made for the Princesses
The cute birthday girls.  Bailey 2 years old.  Afton 4 years old.
Hazel and Grandpa enjoying the party with a little liquid refreshment
Making Princess crowns
Balloon Pinata

Halloween 10.31.12

Afton the dragon and Bailey the Princess

Brown Family Christmas Party 12.1.12

Grandpa and Christian
Sylvia was in charge of the location.  We had the party down at Vineyard Elementary in the gym.  The kids had a blast with all the games and toys available there.  Rachael gave Bailey a ride on the little scooter.
Jocelyn riding a scooter.
Shayla and Jojo getting some yummy food.
Chelsea, Shayla, Christian, Bailey, Jocelyn, and Afton
Renae had her turn holding baby Hazel
Lizzie's friend came to the party and she helped Afton and Jocelyn make their candy Christmas trees
Les showing us his sweet hip action with the hoola hoop

Baby Hazel Bell Hathaway born 10.26.12

Hazel's first bath.

Hathaways looking into buying this 1907 historical home in Oack City

Beauty eh?
Dining room
Living Room/Parlor
Entry way
Main level bedroom
Upstairs bedrooms (there are 4 of them)
It is going to be a lot of work to get it restored to it's historical beauty.  Tyson is going to be so good at the restoration. 

Fall Break-October 2012 - MOAB

Lynn and Sylvia's friends Manuel and Ginger own this cabin up Moab canyon.  They let us go stay there over Fall Break.  My back was out on me, but it was very fun despite not feeling well. 
Rachael Miller, Goldings, Allans, and I went to stay there.  Such a fun cabin.
Our sleeping loft.
We tried to drive over to Gateway, Colorado, and the roads were just muddy enough that Goldings van got stuck.  It took a while to get unstuck and get back to the cabin.
Karl and Lynn had a major workout.
They tried again the next day and made it (without me).  My back was in serious pain so I stayed at the cabin.  They said it was so very cool.
Game time.