Sunday, September 12, 2010


Gordon and I went up to Logan to visit Tyson, Chelsea, and Afton before we went to the Skyview vs Orem football game.  The game was a bust, but it sure was fun to visit with our Hathaways!
Such a cute dolly. 

Putting a "beautiful" in Grandpa's hair.

G'pa & G'ma love to go on little walks with cutie Afton.

We took Chelsea the saxophone that she used to play in Jr. High and High School.  She tried to remember how to play "In The Mood" from Jr. High.  Afton was very intrigued by this new thing Momma was playing.

Maybe Afton will become a saxophonist like her Momma, her Uncle Jason, her Aunt Lexie, and her Grandpa. 

Thanks Hathaways for letting us come crash at your house over night.  We left their house by 10:30 a.m. so we could go to the Hale Centre Theater in West Valley City to see the play "Pirates of Penzance".  I won tickets to it at my Secretaries Conference in August.  It was very fun.  Then that night we went to the Orem High School play "The Foreigner".  We had a very fun weekend. 

My birthday

For my birthday Shayla came over and made me a yummy dinner.  She made fajita shredded chicken, cottage cheese, and fresh out of her garden tomatoes.  Yum Yum.  I was so happy about it. 
For my birthday "cake" Shayla set up these cute cup cake holders with carrots and snap peas with candles in them.  Just perfect for my eating plan!!  Jojo helped me blow out the candles (several times).  Such fun times.
Everyone else got yummy actual cup cakes. 
Lexie and Shayla
My cute girls!
"Can I blow it out 1 more time?"
Botts gave me a rice cooker/veggie steamer (which I've never had before).  Yeah
Lexie made me these adorable blocks with the babies pictures on one side, their name on one of the other sides.  She also made an extra block for our new baby coming in December to Chelsea and Tyson. So dang cute.  
Gordon sent me these beautiful flowers to my office during the day.  I was very happy about receiving them.  He also gave me 4 movie tickets so we can go to the movies. 

Thanks everyone for making my birthday so fun.

Joe's Valley - Labor Day Weekend

Karl and Renae's friends (Lorna and Steve) let us use their "cabin" in Joe's Valley over Labor Day Weekend.  It was so unbelievably nice.  They bought this mobile home and completely refurbished it.  Goldings and I stayed in the house, and Lynn and Sylvia pulled their 5th wheel trailer up there and parked it behind the house.  They had a trailer full with Tyler, Logan, Rachael, Mitch, Kelly, and Dallin.  We started pulling Lynn's boat up with our newly fixed truck, but got to the top of Spanish Fork Canyon and the truck pooped out.  So we switched the boat to Karl's truck and Gordon nursed the truck home and stayed there.  I went on with the rest of the group to Joe's Valley. 
Kelly pulled Lynn's 4-wheelers up to Joe's Valley.  Of course that is the favorite thing to do right off the bat.  Here is Kelly taking Logan for a ride.
Tyler taking Rachael for a ride. (Before the Sheriff stopped him and said that the law says that children under 12 must wear a helmet.)  Ooopppsssyyyyy
They have built this cool fire pit in the front yard. 
Lizzie and Sam on the front porch swing.

This is the view out the front of the house.  Beautiful!  They have a horse shoe pit, sundial, and all kinds of other games to play outside.
Allan's trailer and boat all ready to par-tay!
As soon as we got set up, the first load of boaters took off for the reservoir.  Rachael, Sam, Logan, Tyler, Sylvia, Lynn, Kelly, Dallin, Mitch, and Karl.  Renae, Lizzie, and I stayed behind and rode the 4-wheelers down to the lake.  (My personal favorite thing to do!)
Lizzie rode on back of me.  We stopped on our way to the lake at a little stream that was so pretty.
Lizzie took my picture.
The reservoir was gorgeous.  There were only about 3 other boats on the whole lake.  Carribean blue water and blue, blue skies.  So lovely.
Lizzie and me on the dock.  We just hung out with our feet in the water for the boat to return.
Renae and Lizzie
When the boat came back in, Lynn gave the rest of us a ride.  Here is Kelly with his feeding bag on!  There is something about riding in a boat that calms your nerves and your soul.  Thanks Lynn and Sylvia!
Sylvia's Enchilada dinner on the front porch.

I must have my own 4-wheeler before my life is over . . . . . . so dang fun.
On Sunday we drove over the mountain to Daddy's cabin.  There we found all the Neilsens/Greens/Katie Brown and her two girls.  It was fun to see everyone there.  Here is Lynn, Sylvia, Tim, Renae, Elsa, and Karl standing by the front door. 
How many people can you cram in Daddy's cabin?!?!?!  I think we had 39 in there at once.
They turned Mom and Daddy's room into a "bunk room".  Here is Ellary Green, Ivy Neilsen, Addison Brown, Zoey Green, and Bella Neilsen having fun in the top bunk.
Tim, Brandi, and Elsa out on the deck.  The boys have put on a nice new railing and gate on the deck.

It was such a great weekend.  The only thing that could have made it better is if my family could have been there.  Thanks to Renae and Karl for the facilities, and thanks to Lynn and Sylvia for the toys!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!! pt 2

We took turns. First I painted jocelyns finger nails orange.
then I painted her toes
then she painted my toes :)
happy artist :D
jocelyn's attempt to take a picture of me

Girls just wanna have fun!! pt1

We decided to make a scrapbook for mommy today :)
all the things that make for a good scrapbook