Sunday, June 19, 2011

Universal Studios, Disneyland, Sea World

Universal Studios here we come! Charlotte Littlefield, Sylvia & Lynn Allan, Dallin Long, Jocelyn Bott, Gordon, and I had the trip of our lives. SSooooo much fun!
Here we are "ready to ride". Such a fun day ahead of us.

Jocelyn's absolute favorite . . . . Dora. When we entered Universay Studios she randomly said out of the blue "I want to see Dora". Ta da . . . Dora was the second character we came upon.
Curious George. Coincidentally . . . . that's what Jocelyn wants her new baby brother to be named when he is born!!

Jojo and Fievel Mouskowits. The characters at Universal Studios were very available. So fun.
Sylvia and Lynn in front of the "Waterworld" show. That was the coolest show. Dallin and Jocelyn absolutely loved it. (So did the rest of us!)
At Universay Studios, we saw an "Animal Actors" show. Jocelyn loved it. Jocelyn got to meet one of the actors named "Juice" up close and personal.
Jojo and Bwama riding Dumbo.

Bwampa and Jocelyn on the Lady bug ride.

Bwampa and Jojo on the rocket ships.

Buzz Lightyear was a little intimidating for Jocelyn, so Grandpa joined her for the picture.

The flowers at Disneyland were absolutely gorgeous.

Tigger and Jojo
Minnie Mouse and Jojo
Woody and Jocelyn in California Adventure.

Jocelyn really wanted to ride on the double decker bus in Disneyland.

Jocelyn and Bwampa hanging out while Charlotte and I went into the crystal store (a store I've never been in at Disneyland).

We went to Sea World on Friday. Jason met us there to play with us. That was so much fun.

Uncle Jason bought Jocelyn a cute hat so her head wouldn't be so sunburned.

We each got a chance to feed and pet the dolphins. They are such amazing creatures. It was a highlight of our day at Sea World.

We went to the animal show which was so entertaining. Jojo and Dallin loved it.

The pig was Jocelyn's favorite.

The Shamu show was so very cool. We watched it two times.

Uncle Jason bought Jocelyn a bubble gun that she played with non-stopAlign Center.
The dolphin show. It was very impressive.
Sylvia, Nikko, and Jojo
Dallin and Jason have always been best buddies.
Sylvia, Lynn, Charlotte, and Dino in the kitchen
After our day at Sea World we went over to Jason and Dino's apartment for the yummiest food that Dino made us. He made us Italian beef, funeral potatoes, the best salad ever (with the cheese and olive oil imported directly from Greece). We also did a mini celebration for Jason's birthday (which is in two weeks). It was so fun to be there with Jason, Dino, and Nikko (the cutest dog ever!)