Saturday, September 15, 2007

A day in the life of Cory and Shayla

Hi Everyone,

I thought it'd be fun to start our new blog with a day in the life of everyone in the family. What do you do from sunup to sundown? I'll start with mine and Cory's.
We wake up about 6:00 everyday and get going early. I head off to school, or go for an hour walk and then head off to school (depending on the day), and Cory starts making his rounds to the contractors and running errands. His phone normally starts ringing at about 6:30 am and doesn't stop until about 6:30 pm... which is awesome because he really loves cell phones! ;) I teach my music for ballet dancers class on tuesday and thursdays, then I take a ballet class and then teach my ballet technique class at 11:30. On monday wednesday fridays, I take a music theory class at UVSC, then I take a ballet class, and teach my technique and pointe classes. I'm done pretty early in the afternoon, but still have a lot of prep time. I am teaching Dance as an Art Form- a general requirement for fine arts- next semester so I'm trying to get ready for that!

Cory loves his job and has been extremely successful at it. He just landed a major account which is great for us! :) He has been into catfishing lately and caught some gigantic ones on Utah Lake a few weeks ago with his Dad. He marinated and grilled them for us and they were pretty much the best fish I have ever tasted (I know all you fish-haters don't think there could be such a thing, but there is...) When he gets home, he relaxes for awhile and then he goes into the office, where he doesn't return for many hours. He has a busy school load this semester, and his math class especially requires a lot of work everyday.
I'm performing for the last time this weekend, and we are moving (again, unfortunately) this weekend as well, so this should be a fun week!
Can't wait to hear what you all do everyday and see some great pics!

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Chelsea and Tyson said...

hold on, your moving again? like out of your second town home or what?