Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cranium (Head...Pants...Now!!)

Last night we busted out the classic Cranium, and played it with lex, mom, dad and me and Cory for Family Home Evening. I forgot how fun that game is!!
This is lexie giving herself the heimlich maneuver... I just caught it a little late.
This is mom being a claw-footed tub... or doing wrestle mania... either one
Lexie having hot chocolate AND ice cream with butterscotch... no other comment necessary! ;)
And last but not least, Lexie had to draw an astronaut with her eyes closed, and then after we guessed it, she spent the whole rest of the game improving upon her work of art... I think she wants to marry this guy! Thanks for coming over guys, it was fun!

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Chelsea and Tyson said...

wow, I'm sorry I missed that. I wish we lived closer to you guys