Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baby Logan Tyler Long's blessing day

We just got home from Logan Long's blessing and dinner afterwards.  Lynn Allan blessed Logan in his little white suit.  Lynn did a good job of it.  He couldn't hold Logan because of the surgery on his hand this last week, so he just did a one handed bounce with others in the circle holding the weight of the baby. 

Sylvia doesn't blog so you probably won't get any pictures of the baby because she is the only one that had a camera.  

After the blessing in our ward, Sylvia and Lynn had us all over to their house for Hawaiian Haystacks.  yum yum!!!

It was a nice day for baby Logan and all his relatives that got to come.  


W said...

How fun that Logan was able to be blessed. Sylvia must have been beaming. I can't believe she is a grandma (to one of her boys kids. You know what I mean). You'll have to bug her for a pic. so we might be able to see the little guy.

coryshay said...

it was a good blessing...and good food! :)

Lorena said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Sylvia and Lynn's family

Jonie said...

I found you, I love that you and your family blog. I love catching up this way. I had a blast the other night. I miss you. Love the pictures with the new babies. I am off to see their blogs as well.