Monday, July 27, 2009

Hathaway July Post

This was a busy month. Tons of fun things going on and a lot of firsts for Afton, and for us too :)

July 3rd and 4th we went to Orem to visit the fam. We went boating at Deer creek and then had fireworks. Then in the morning we went to the balloon launch and had a great fourth of July BBQ. 

Jo Jo and Grandma on the boat

Tyson and Cory on the Tube 

Afton and Grandpa

Then, On to New Jersey and New York to visit Amanda Jared and Paul.
Afton loved watching all the people. And when we got this stroller, she loved it even more.

The South Orange pool. Afton's first swimming and she loved it.  She just sat with Grandma for about an hour watching the other kids play.

I could post a lot more pics but that was a lot already. We have had a great July and are sad to see it end. 


coryshay said...

I know, isn't it sad it's almost August?? I am about to hyperventilate thinking about going back to school! Cute post and great pics!

Elaine Brown Billings said...

You got some really cute pictures. I need copies of all the boating and NY/NJ pics. We, indeed, have had a fun month. Thanks for the post, I love it!