Monday, January 7, 2008

Reeeemon chiken and Rice (in my best Asian accent) try you like

4 Chicken breast, (don't defrost all the way it makes it easier to cut)
1/2 cube butter,
cook chicken in pan till bottom of pan gets "Glazzy" as she called it,
take chicken out and add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice fresh or "real lemon juice,"

As for the fry rice you buy you like only 5 dalla.
get the long grain real rice, no min. rice

The other half of butter,
Half a chopped up onion (obviously I didn't use this)
cook till brown,
Add 2 chicken broth, boil, cover turn to med/low cook for 20 min.

if you do simultaneously you should be done at the same time.

this is for 4 people so + or - according to needs.

I think that's everything
schee ya schucka's

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coryshay said...

hey shank you vely vely much!! I appreciate it! Shucka!