Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hystie Sistie

Well I am now a member of what Sylvia calls the Hystie Sistie club. On October 8 I went to American Fork Hospital to have a Hysterectomy. That is something I am definitely glad to have over with. Everything went real well. Dr. Douglas Allen did it and he is such a good doctor. The only problem was that he found out that when I sleep my oxygen level goes way down. So he ordered a sleep apnea test for me. I will go in next Tuesday to a sleep clinic and try to breath like a good little girl through the night so I'm not stuck with this oxygen machine for the rest of my life.

Dr. Allen did send me home with an oxygen machine for me to use every night. The first week I thought I would go completely crazy, but now I am getting a little used to it. I still can't turn it up to level 3 like he told me to cause it feels like a jet engine is taking off up my nose!! So I'm a woos and leave it at 2.5. Not bad for a nose oxygen baby!!!

I have really enjoyed being home for 2 weeks recouperating. I will be sad to go back to work on Monday, October 27. But I really love my job, so once I get there it will be all peachy!!!

Chelse and Tyson got to come down this last weekend for Tyler and Amanda's wedding. It was so fun to have them here. I just love it when they come.

Gordon gave me a Cricut for my birthday, so we had lots of fun playing with that after Sylvia showed us how to use it. She got to spend some time over here on Saturday cause Lynn was gone hunting.

Anyway, I will try to post more often, and learn how to put pictures on!!!

Yay for blogs!!!


Tyson and Chelsea said...

Yay for posting. It's so fun. Well, when you figure out how to do pictures, I tag you. It would be fun to see what images you come up with :)

W said...

I didn't know so much was going on with you. When you got my e-mail you must have been doped up which would make sense because you made no sense in your response. I didn't know Tyler and Amanda got married. Will you give my congrats to the newly weds. Have fun with the sleep study. I had to do one and got no sleep to even study. Luv much Wendy

Jamilyn said...

hello! this is jamilyn - tyson and chelsea's little sis! i just thought i would tell you, i work at the hospital as a cna (certified nursing assistant) and i check lots of oxygen sats all night long and you're not the only one who needs oxygen through the night! it is common where i'm from! :) i hope that makes you feel a little better. and yay for breathing right! tee hee.

Lorena said...

Elaine - I found your blog! It's great - I can't wait to follow along. I love the Hystie Sistie Club - very funny! How has your recovery been? I hope you are doing well. My blog is mamallama8.blogspot.com. Hope you can visit.