Tuesday, October 2, 2007

8 Weeks!!

We are in the 8th week people!! A week from friday is the big day-my first doctor's appointment. I feel like everything is going well, and slowly, I'm starting to feel better and better. This week the baby's facial features and arms and legs are developing. What are some good baby names? I want to hear your ideas and votes.


Chelsea and Tyson said...

I would tell you the names I like but I want to use them :)And since the Hathaway family says we are going to have 14 kids, we can use all the names we can think of :)
Ok, the truth is I can't think of any. But I'll let you know when I do.

Actually, I can think of one for a boy and one for a girl...Ignacio and Encarnacion. tee hee

coryshay said...

In Car Na See Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho Hone!!! Unless you want to then we break our vows!

jasongordon34 said...

I still think that you should name him or her rouge pronounced (row) sounds good to me.